What to do when an Earthquake Occurs

Reference: March 11, 2011 (Seismic intensity of above level 5)


Japan Meteorological Agency’s Earthquake Early Warning
(If a seismic intensity of above level 5 lower is predicted)

  1. On TV and radio, an alarm and messages of the Earthquake Early Warning will be aired.
  2. On mobile phones (some models), information will be displayed on the screen with an alarm several seconds or more before the arrival of strong tremors caused by an earthquake.


Tremors will arrive before the earthquake early warning for areas close to the epicenter.



Alarms in unison on a number of mobile phones

⇒ Possible earthquake early warning

⇒ Suspend classes and experiments, meetings and events, etc.

*Strong tremors will require time to arrive for areas far to the epicenter.

 Even without tremors, be alert by protecting yourself, etc. for a number of minutes

from receipt of the warning.


Reference: Earthquake Early Warning (Japan Meteorological Agency)

The Japan Meteorological Agency detects the earthquake (primary seismic wave, minor initial tremors), automatically calculates the focus, magnitude, and possible strength of the tremors, and announces several seconds or more before the arrival of strong tremors (secondary wave, principal motion).